sunshine voices

I have many reasons for despising a certain American presidential candidate and his messages. But when I watched him orate at the Al Smith dinner and be booed, my heart cringed for him. I hoped he was not hurt.

I know many people hoped otherwise. But it seems to me that, if we were more tender-hearted about all people, even our opposition, then maybe we wouldn't have a culture which raises up such a cruel voice.

I am a wintergirl, but I find nothing more healing than to sit in gentle sunlight, letting its soft warmth soak through me until all the scratches from the world's barbs have eased. Imagine if people were like sunlight to each other. Imagine if gentleness and warmth were the standard.

by the way, few people read here any more, probably because I don't post as often as I used to, & have little time to comment on other weblogs. I am wondering if I would be better to focus instead on the weekly newsletter, if you would prefer that? I do still wish to blog in one way or another.